Notes for a Deleuzean-inspired Theory of Social Innovation

For Deleuze, social innovation takes place through windows of opportunity for social creativity (ie. along lines of flight) which emerge as challenges to institutional legitimacy. Innovation often emerges from conflict. Opportunity spaces often are at micro-levels which make possible creative strategies at macro-levels.

The aim is …to find the conditions under which something new is produced … how are the production and appearance of something new possible.  The new … calls forth forces in thought that are not the forces of recognition, today or tomorrow, but the powers of a completely other model, from an unrecognised and unrecognisable terra incognita.

What might forces of social innovation look like? Forces would include discourse, materialities, power, subjectivations, codings/territorialisations, ie. a robust theoretical combination of Deleuzean axes and Foucauldian dispositif.



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