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Can the Brain Resist the Group Opinion?

Even when people adjust their view as a result of social influence, their brain activity shows traces of prior disagreements. Scientists at HSE University have learned that disagreeing with the opinion of other people leaves a ‘trace’ in brain activity, … Continue reading

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Friends appear to share patterns of brain activity

Great minds think alike, so goes the saying. Greatness notwithstanding, a study in PNAS finds that the minds of friends do appear to share patterns of activity. “A lot of us have the intuition that our friends are kind of … Continue reading

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Interdisciplinarity, Transdisciplinarity, and Beyond: The Brain, Story Sharing, and Social Organization

An apparent conflict between preferences for hierarchical as opposed to distributed organizations is evident in arguments about disciplinary and interdisciplinary organization. It characterizes as well a wide array of other arenas ranging from the biological to the political. In this … Continue reading

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