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How to build a Fairer City

Four leading academics propose the ‘grounded city’ – where sustainable transport, accessible broadband and modest housing take precedence over ostentatious tower blocks. Our manifesto is about how the fairer city can be achieved by changing both the imaginary and the … Continue reading


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Understanding Cities: Advances in Integrated Assessment of Urban Sustainability

The urgent need to reconfigure urban areas to consume fewer resources, generate less pollution, be more resilient to the impacts of extreme events and become more sustainable in general, is widely recognised. To address these issues, requires integrated thinking across … Continue reading

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Cities and Biodiversity Outlook – Urbanization, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

The world is increasingly urban, interconnected, and changing. If current trends continue, by 2050 the global urban population is estimated to be 6.3 billion, nearly doubling the 3.5 billion urban dwellers worldwide in 2010. More than 60 percent of the … Continue reading

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Architetti che vogliono Trasformare la Città in Boschi

La disciplina che si occupa di studiare soluzioni innovative imitando i comportamenti e le tattiche della natura è detta Biomimetica (Biomimetics o Biomimicry in inglese) e a tal riguardo Cristiana Favretto mi dice: “Noi seguiamo i principi della Biomimetica per … Continue reading

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A New Movement for The New City: The Problem With Cars

Cities have always been shaped by transport, and the planning and design of cities have always impacted on transport choices. Rising car ownership after the Second World War freed developers from the need to build homes within walking distance of … Continue reading

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Curitiba’s Plan for Creating a Cycle-Friendly City

The city of Curitiba announced the details of Plan Cicloviário on September 6th. The big news, however, is not the $90 million investment to implement hundreds of kilometres of new bike roads in the capital by 2016. Nor is it … Continue reading

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Educación para reinventar una ciudad

Medellín se reinventó desde la educación y desde la cultura: esas dos son sus apuestas principales desde 2004 y los resultados son evidentes. Pasó de ser la ciudad más violenta del mundo (y una de las más estigmatizadas) a ser … Continue reading

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Cities as Software

Read Let me put a scenario to you. Say you live in an aging, fading industrial town. One that has been on receiving end of repeated shocks from earthquakes and natural disasters to the closure of its largest industries and … Continue reading

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