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The Time of the Tribes: The Decline of Individualism in Mass Society

In this provocative book, Michel Maffesoli explores the persistence and the centrality of an affective, solidary space of sociality that emerges from the small-group contexts of everyday life …  with fruitful questions for those studying civil society, community or “new … Continue reading

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Civil society – A multi-layered concept

The author analyses the connections between social developments and the evolution of the theory of civil society (CS) (classical background, semantic shifts, re-emergence and open questions regarding future research). He distinguishes four layers of meanings of CS but focuses on … Continue reading

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Tribes, Institutions, Markets, Networks – A framework about Societal Evolution

What forms account for the organization of societies?  How have people organized their societies across the ages?  The answer may be reduced to four basic forms of organization: the kinship-based tribe, as denoted by the structure of extended families, clans, … Continue reading

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Alter-Globalization as a Social Movement

Read Alter-globalization as a social movement is seen as a worthy cause because its goals aim to sustain those being afflicted by the selfish acts of global corporations and their negative effect on human value, the environment, and social justices. … Continue reading

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In Greece, we see democracy in action

The public debates of the outraged in Athens are the closest we have come to democratic practice in recent European history. Thousands of people come together daily in Syntagma to discuss the next steps. The parallels with the classical Athenian … Continue reading

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Crise: déficit maior é de democracia, não de ajuste fiscal

Read A dimensão sistêmica da crise não é um atributo apenas da esfera econômica, mas argui a capacidade da esquerda de intervir para mudar o rumo da engrenagem em pane, em vez de se comportar apenas como um dente constitutivo … Continue reading

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A crise da “sociedade de mercado”

Read A ficção da “sociedade de mercado” autorregulada que desmorona agora na Grécia, na Espanha e em outros países europeus, é resultado de um processo que vem de vários anos. Talvez suas primeiras manifestações tenham surgido nas periferias do sistema … Continue reading

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