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Community Structure in Large Complex Networks

In this paper, we establish the definition of community fundamentally different from what was commonly accepted in previous studies, where communities were typically assumed to be densely connected internally but sparsely connected to the rest of the network. A community … Continue reading

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Theatre for Policy Advocacy

Africa has a long history of sending messages through theatrical performances, particularly when the messages challenge the status quo. Community theatre is a way of levelling the field, breaking social barriers and addressing topics deemed taboo. It is especially powerful … Continue reading

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Sacred Economics – Money, Gift and Community in an Age of Transition

Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Today, these trends have reached their extreme – … Continue reading

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Structure and Overlaps of Communities in Networks

One of the main organizing principles in real-world social, information and technological networks is that of network communities, where sets of nodes organize into densely linked clusters. Even though detection of such communities is of great interest, understanding the structure … Continue reading

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COMMUNEcating in the Spaces In-Between – Creating New Understandings of Organizing and Communicative Practice

This essay describes the authors’ efforts to engage disciplinary calls for greater diversity through the construction of an international online community and conference, COMMUNEcation. They describe the commitments and goals of the community and conference, the construction of the COMMUNEcating … Continue reading

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Geography and Community: New Forms of Interaction Among People and Places

Today location-based data, such as GPS coordinates, are increasingly being incorporated into Internet sites such as Flickr, Jaiku, and Placeopedia. In turn, new practices are emerging that evoke innovative ways of relating among people and between individuals and places. This … Continue reading

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Distributed communities and nodal subjects

Drawing upon cognitive science and systems theory, this article examines a number of issues commonly undertaken in theorizing “online communities.”  The thesis is that current approaches to online community that focus on specific online “places,” such as LamdaMOO, may overlook … Continue reading

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Understanding Community – A review of networks, ties and contacts

This is an overview of different approaches to the study of social networks, relationships and contacts situated in the context of debates on the interpretation of the changing nature of ‘community’. Three approaches are considered:  a traditional ‘community as locality’ … Continue reading

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Community radio

Community radio is a radio service offering a third model of radio broadcasting in addition to commercial and public broadcasting. Community stations serve geographic communities and communities of interest. They broadcast content that is popular and relevant to a local, … Continue reading

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Food Not Lawns: How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden And Your Neighborhood into a Community

Gardening can be a political act. Creativity, fulfillment, connection, revolution—it all begins when we get our hands in the dirt.  Food Not Lawns combines practical wisdom on ecological design and community-building with a fresh, green perspective on an age-old subject. … Continue reading

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