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Cohesion – The Making of Society

Why are complex systems able to form stable structures at all? Why are there companies, states and societies in such diverse forms? In particular we will attempt to understand what makes any culture, or organisation stable, and whether it is … Continue reading

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Resilience management in social-ecological systems: a working hypothesis for a participatory approach

Read Approaches to natural resource management are often based on a presumed ability to predict probabilistic responses to management and external drivers such as climate. They also tend to assume that the manager is outside the system being managed. However, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Complexity – An essay on Dynamic Open Complex Adaptive Systems and Self-Organizing Order

Read The present book-review essay surveys this literature in an effort both to condense, clarify, and encapsulate its high points and to indicate its relevance to business and marketing practice.  The essay thereby addresses the reader who wishes to gain … Continue reading

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