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Education, Social Creativity and the Evolution of Society

The evolution of society, the transcendence of existing social structures, and how society creates itself rests in a function of education. In this article, the author examines education’s work as that of social creativity. The need for pedagogies of “educate … Continue reading

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A comparison between popular education and a traditional adult literacy program

After Timor-Leste gained its liberation in 1999 many institutions such as UN agencies, the non-formal education division of  the Ministry of Education and Culture, bilateral aid partners, international and national NGOs, the Catholic Church, women and youth organizations ran adult … Continue reading

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Can popular education be carried out in a system of formal education?

An education community in Malvinas Argentinas (near Cordoba, Argentina) set themselves the challenge of planning a school which would mean something to the poor people of the area and improve their lives. They wanted it to be a school which … Continue reading

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Educación para reinventar una ciudad

Medellín se reinventó desde la educación y desde la cultura: esas dos son sus apuestas principales desde 2004 y los resultados son evidentes. Pasó de ser la ciudad más violenta del mundo (y una de las más estigmatizadas) a ser … Continue reading

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Education in the Creative Economy: Knowledge and Learning in the Age of Innovation

Read “At a time when new media and a host of new technologies are reshaping every aspect of life and society, there has been a lack of analyses capable of integrating and critically engaging these new forces. We not only … Continue reading

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Invocación ciudadana y política educativa

Podemos decir que nuestra vía a la democracia post dictadura ha estado de manera importante sustentada en un temor al desacuerdo, permaneciendo, de manera invariables, procedimientos e instituciones excluyentes, pero que tienen la virtud de darle estabilidad al régimen político, … Continue reading

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Revolutionizing education: Youth Participatory Action Research in motion

Revolutionalizing Education makes extraordinarily unique contributions to the literature on young people by offering a broad framework for understanding a groundbreaking critical research methodlogy known as Youth-led Participatory Action Research. YPAR is a way to involve young people in defining … Continue reading

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Handbook of Social Justice in Education

The Handbook of Social Justice in Education, a comprehensive and up-to-date review of the field, addresses, from multiple perspectives, education theory, research, and practice in historical and ideological context, with an emphasis on social movements for justice. Each of the … Continue reading

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University Education for Community and Social Change

Read Despite the growing consensus on the critical importance of grassroots organizations, and despite this major investment and growth, the field of community and social change faces a mounting crisis of leadership.  There is a severe shortage of people who … Continue reading

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Learning Together: Children and Adults in a School Community

Learning Together: Children and Adults in a School Community This book advances the theoretical account that Barbara Rogoff presented in her highly acclaimed book, Apprenticeship in Thinking. Here, Rogoff collaborates with two master teachers from an innovative school in Salt … Continue reading

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