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Emergence and the new intelligence leadership

Emergence, a vital phenomenon of evolution, has been the primary focus of numerous pioneer complexity researchers. In this study, the complexity-intelligence and emergence-intelligence linkages are scrutinised. Encompassing and exploring spaces of high complexity by human organisations requires a better comprehension … Continue reading


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Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software

Emergence is what happens when an interconnected system of relatively simple elements self-organizes to form more intelligent, more adaptive higher-level behavior. It’s a bottom-up model rather than being engineered by a general or a master planner, emergence begins at the … Continue reading

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Three core practices for creative leadership

Read From an interview with my dear friend Peggy Holman on enhancing creative leadership: Q: What is one practice that people could start applying today to bring more creativity into their work or their business organization? Holman: If I were … Continue reading

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Sociocybernetics: complexity, autopoiesis, and observation of social systems

Read In an effort to shed light on recent developments in sociocybernetic research, this volume represents recent and advanced thinking in this rapidly developing field. The authors address the core problems in social science caused by increasing societal complexity and … Continue reading

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Flock Theory – A New Model of Emergent Self-Organization in Human Interaction

This paper introduces a new theory of emergent self-organization in human interaction. Flock theory draws from a theoretical basis of emergence and self-organizing systems. Likewise, two other important theoretical works are offered, Eric Eisenberg’s work on the transcendent organization of … Continue reading

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Team assembly mechanisms determine collaboration network structure and team performance

Read Agents in creative enterprises are embedded in networks that inspire, support, and evaluate their work. Here, we investigate how the mechanisms by which creative teams self-assemble determine the structure of these collaboration networks. We propose a model for the … Continue reading

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Self-organization of Complex, Intelligent Systems

This paper reviews the general philosophy underlying the transdisciplinary research in the Evolution, Complexity and Cognition (ECCO) group. The ECCO conceptual framework is based on an ontology of action: the fundamental constituents of reality are seen as actions and the … Continue reading

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Emergence of a beautiful spiral – how to marry technology and life in designing virtual communities

Read Our inquiry is based on the theory of complexity applied to education. This means that the “linear, sequential, easily quantifiable ordering system dominating education today – one focusing on clear beginnings and definite endings—could give way to a more … Continue reading

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Everything is emergent

Again, we have to stop predicting, and start nurturing the current situation in a way that good outcomes will flourish, independent of what that outcome can be. It’s not the outcome that matters most, it’s the road to it. The … Continue reading

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The Self-Organization of Creative Emergence

Emergence happens where the visible and the invisible meet. By consciously engaging the unknown, it begins to reveal itself as we create the next idea, product, system, service, approach, method, technology, etc. A natural, highly creative self-organization begins to happen. … Continue reading

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