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Democratizing Innovation

Innovation is rapidly becoming democratized. Users, aided by improvements in computer and communications technology, increasingly can develop their own new products and services. These innovating users—both individuals and firms—often freely share their innovations with others, creating user-innovation communities and a … Continue reading

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Experiencing Creativity in the Organization: From Individual Creativity to Collective Creativity

For creative organizations, the ideas and insights of their employees are of crucial importance. Most of the creativity research concentrates only on individual aspects of creativity. This paper also stresses the collective aspect of creativity in the organization. It studies … Continue reading

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Promoting innovation and evidence-based approaches to building resilience and responding to humanitarian crises

At the end of 2011, the United Nations called for humanitarian assistance to be both scaled up and made ‘smarter’ as global emergencies continued to expand in both frequency and complexity.  DFID has launched a new strategy to meet this … Continue reading

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Open Source Ecology – Global Village Construction Set

The Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) is an open technological platform that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small civilization with modern comforts. Key Features of the GVCS: Open … Continue reading

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Territorial Innovation Models – A critical survey of the international literature

This  paper  provides  a  critical  review  of  the  international  literature  on  Territorial  Innovation Models  (Industrial Districts, Milieux  Innovateurs, New Industrial Spaces, Local Production Systems, etc.). The review  is organized  in two steps. First, the main features of each of these … Continue reading

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European Startups

From Skype to SoundCloud, Europe is building companies that are scaling globally. So we set out to chart which were the hottest cities for startups. What are Europe’s other hot digital cities — and which are the companies and founders … Continue reading

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Berlin – Europe’s hottest startup capitals

London’s startup scene is booming — you need only read Wired to see that. But what are Europe’s other hot digital cities — and which are the companies and founders to watch? Welcome to Wired’s first annual guide to the … Continue reading

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Berlin: Europe’s hottest startup hub

On the busy corner of Torstrasse, a street in the center of Berlin’s Mitte district, a coffee shop called St. Oberholz serves as a meeting point and co-working space at what’s fast becoming Europe’s hottest startup hub. Inside, Macs sit … Continue reading

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The Hub

We’re a social enterprise with the ambition to inspire and support imaginative and enterprising initiatives for a better world. The Hub is a global community of people from every profession, background and culture working at ‘new frontiers‘ to tackle the … Continue reading

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Torre atrapa nieblas para generar agua

La región del Huasco en el norte de Chile es una región agrícola que depende del agua del río Huasco para el riego. La disponibilidad de agua ha disminuido durante la última década y se han ideado nuevas soluciones para … Continue reading

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