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The Self-Organization of Cyberprotest

The specific task of this paper is to describe cyberprotest as a self-organizing system. Cyberprotest is a global structural coupling and mutual production of self-organization processes of the Internet and self-organization processes of the protest system of society. In cyberprotest … Continue reading

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The Internet as a Self-Organizing Socio-Technological System

The Internet is a global socio-technological system that is based on a technological structure consisting of networked computer networks that works with the help of the TCP/IP protocol and stores objectified human knowledge, human actors permanently re-create this global knowledge … Continue reading

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Governance of online creation communities – Provision of platforms of participation for the building of digital commons

This paper is dedicated to the analysis of the governance of online creation communities.  Two components can be distinguished in online creation communities: a platform of participation around which the community is generated and the providers of such a platform.  … Continue reading

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European eParticipation

The eParticipation Report purpose is to provide a synoptic and coherent view of where Europe currently stands regarding eParticipation. In addition, the study supports dialogue between key actors and stakeholders, particularly through workshops, consultations and good practice exchange. There is … Continue reading

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