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Direct Action: An Ethnography

Anthropologist David Graeber undertakes the first detailed ethnographic study of the global justice movement. The case study at the center of Direct Action is the organizing and events that led to the one of the most dramatic and militant mass … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just Indignation: Inventing new ways of doing politics

It’s true that we’re indignant. But not just that. If it were just indignation that brought us together in the streets and squares of our cities, the movement would have less force. Once the moment of excitement had passed we … Continue reading

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The Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life

A gripping account of European autonomous social movements from 1968 to the present. Since the modern anti-globalization movement kicked off with the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, a new generation has been engaging in anti-capitalist direct action. Its aims, politics, … Continue reading


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Social Media and the Revival of American Democracy

Read Campaigns in the United States increasingly boil down to an unseemly competition for cash. Why not rely on social media, instead of radio and TV, as key campaign communications mechanisms — and thus free U.S. democracy from the debilitating … Continue reading

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The governance of problems: puzzling, powering, participation

Read Policy analysis usually gives more attention to problem solving than problem finding and there is a real threat of mismatch between problem perceptions by citizens and problem definition by their elected and appointed policy makers. Contemporary democracies need to … Continue reading

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Living in the Age of Imposed Amnesia: The Eclipse of Democratic Formative Culture

Living in the Age of Imposed Amnesia: The Eclipse of Democratic Formative Culture The importance of formative culture as a mode of civic education in the shaping of democratic values and critical agents can be found in the work of … Continue reading

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