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Resilience Theory, Social Capital of Neighborhoods and Adolescence

Many studies show cause or correlation between community characteristics and neighborhood qualities with juvenile delinquency, crime, poor academic achievement, and many other negative consequences. Although this perspective of human development within multiple contexts that influence youth and families is beneficial, … Continue reading

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Avoid Social Breakdown – Become Resilient

If you want a glimpse of the future for the US, UK, etc. all you need to do is tune into what is going on in Greece. Greece is financially bankrupt, like all Western countries.  They just happened to get … Continue reading

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Resilience: A Literature Review

Resilience has, in the past four decades, been a term increasingly employed throughout a number of sciences: psychology and ecology, most prominently. Increasingly one finds it in political science, business administration, sociology, history, disaster planning, urban planning, and international development. … Continue reading

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Resilience and Higher Order Thinking

To appreciate, understand, and tackle chronic global social and environmental problems, greater appreciation of the importance of higher order thinking is required. Such thinking includes personal epistemological beliefs (PEBs), i.e., the beliefs people hold about the nature of knowledge and … Continue reading

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Promoting innovation and evidence-based approaches to building resilience and responding to humanitarian crises

At the end of 2011, the United Nations called for humanitarian assistance to be both scaled up and made ‘smarter’ as global emergencies continued to expand in both frequency and complexity.  DFID has launched a new strategy to meet this … Continue reading

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Nurturing resilience in socio-ecological systems

Schultz´s thesis analyzes how the dedicated work of a few individuals has mobilized local farmers, bird watchers, entrepreneurs and politicians to join forces in rendering the wetland an asset for the district of Kristianstad. The results of her research show … Continue reading

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Social innovation and Resilience

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Using Resilience Theory to Examine Public Policy and Social Innovation

Social innovation is an important component of being resilient – new ideas will keep a society adaptable, flexible and learning. Therefore, the better the understanding of the conditions that enable innovations not only to emerge, but to take hold, become … Continue reading

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Networks and Social Innovation for Resilient Systems

Complex challenges demand complex solutions. By their very nature, these problems are difficult to define and are often the result of rigid social structures that effectively act as “traps”. However, resilience theory and the adaptive cycle can serve as a … Continue reading

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Adaptive institutions, governance, complexity, resilience

• Wicked problems • Institutions and the challenge of  “fit‟ • Added value of a resilience lens • Resilience in practice – 1. Institutional response to extreme events – 2. Networked development institutions • Lessons learned and limitations Read

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