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Understanding the Complexity of Economic, Ecological, and Social Systems

Hierarchies and adaptive cycles comprise the basis of ecosystems and social-ecological systems across scales. Together they form a panarchy. The panarchy describes how a healthy system can invent and experiment, benefiting from inventions that create opportunity while being kept safe … Continue reading

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O Impacto das redes sociais na sociedade

Ver Augusto de Franco.  O BAWB-GFAL em 2011 convida os diferentes setores  da sociedade civil, do sistema  produtivo, de serviços e de gestão pública a identificar  quais  os fatores que, no momento atual,    retardam ou alavancam  a inovação e  o … Continue reading

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Towards a Second Order Research Methodology

Read This paper addresses the need  for re-examining the cognitive perspective on the role of language in social research. From the autopoietic  perspective, language  is not a tool to reveal an objective world; rather language is a venue  for action, … Continue reading

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