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Common Space: The City as Commons

Space is both a product and a prerequisite of social relations, it has the potential to block and encourage certain forms of encounter. In Common Space, activist and architect Stavros Stavrides calls for us to conceive of space-as-commons – first, … Continue reading


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Three Competing Societal and Economic Models in the Age of Peer Production

Three Models of Value Creation, Redistribution and Economic Development. This is written as a framework for the FLOKSociety.org project in Ecuador, to frame a transition to a open commons knowledge-based society. It will be continously improved around the following structure: … Continue reading

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Public and Common(s)

Two terms, or really, two groups of terms, seem to gather competing ideas as to how we might conceive anything like a collective, collectivity, or collective space today. The city figures prominently in both. On the one hand we have … Continue reading

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O bem comum como maior valor social

Para Nilton Bonder, ir além da satisfação individual é grande desafio da humanidade, mas não será resolvido de forma indolor.  Nilton Bonder recorda que “as religiões já previam que esse modelo de poder individual é um modelo apocalíptico que, mais … Continue reading

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School of Commoning

‘The need for a new narrative of the Commons and Commoning, this is a serie of 5 videos with the story of the School of Commoning. Exploring the inevitability that our existing system is reaching limits to growth, multiple crises … Continue reading

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A Conversation on The Commons

A conversation of George Pòr with James Quilligan on The Commons. What is the Commons? What do you see as the most important principle of The Commons? What do you mean by The Commons must not be monetized? How do … Continue reading

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Why we have to Occupy the Commons

James Quilligan the renowned commons thinker, activist, and founder of the Global Commons Trust, gave the following talk at the Occupy Wall Street Forum on the Commons, February 16, 2012. In this talk, he encouraged the audience to challenge Garrett … Continue reading

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The concept of change in the age of P2P and the Commons

Michel Bauwens talks at TEDxHornstull, October 2011

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Elinor Ostrom Outlines Best Strategies for Managing the Commons

In 50 years of research from Nepal to Kenya to Switzerland to Los Angeles, she has shown that commonly held resources will not be destroyed by overuse if there is a system in place to manage how they are shared. … Continue reading

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8 Principles for Managing A Commmons

Elinor Ostrom shared the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2009 for her lifetime of scholarly work investigating how communities succeed or fail at managing common pool (finite) resources such as grazing land, forests and irrigation waters. Ostrom’s achievement effectively answers … Continue reading

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