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Deliberative Democracy and Deliberative Polling

In ancient Greece, they asked those who were selected at random to serve for one year. You could have them serve longer, if it was institutionalized. I think the most encouraging aspect of our deliberative polls is the fact that … Continue reading

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Innovations in Deliberative Democracy

The institutional and European democratic crises are pushing leaders towards tricky choices in terms of governability. Would it not perhaps be better to move toward new forms of participation that better match citizens’ needs? The Belgian experience – G1000 – … Continue reading

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Ancient Athens didn’t have politicians. Is there a lesson for us?

Few people realize that in ancient Athens – the original democracy from which modern democracies supposedly grew – no one was elected to be a representative. There were no public offices elected by the people. They just didn’t have politicians. … Continue reading

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The Autopoietic State: Communication and Democratic Potential in the Net

The relationship between the practice of democracy and the use of new information technologies is dependent upon the technologies of communication and information, rules regarding the use of those technologies, and the nature of the entity making rules regarding those … Continue reading

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Beyond the vote: the crisis of representative democracy

Voting is meaningless when representatives are powerless in the face of greater forces. For democracy to work, we first of all need to wake up to reality. There is something profoundly wrong with our political system. As the global capitalist … Continue reading

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Democratizing Innovation

Innovation is rapidly becoming democratized. Users, aided by improvements in computer and communications technology, increasingly can develop their own new products and services. These innovating users—both individuals and firms—often freely share their innovations with others, creating user-innovation communities and a … Continue reading

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O casamento entre democracia e capitalismo acabou

O filósofo e escritor esloveno Slavoj Zizek visitou a acampamento do movimento Ocupar Wall Street, no parque Zuccotti, em Nova York e falou aos manifestantes. “Estamos testemunhando como o sistema está se autodestruindo. Quando criticarem o capitalismo, não se deixem … Continue reading

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How to Start a Revolution

How to Start a Revolution is a portrait of how millions of people can make a difference to their own lives if they are only given the resources to do it.  It also shows how social media and the web … Continue reading

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