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Towards a Second Order Research Methodology

Read This paper addresses the need  for re-examining the cognitive perspective on the role of language in social research. From the autopoietic  perspective, language  is not a tool to reveal an objective world; rather language is a venue  for action, … Continue reading


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How to choose an issue that will motivate your community

Read How do you figure out what will bring people to the table? It takes lots of time and energy to pull together a dialogue-to-change effort so, at the start, you need to be sure that you’ve identified the right … Continue reading

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The role of Dialogue Conferences in the Development of Learning Regions

Read   Something very special happens when people from a region come into living contact with each other, face-to-face. In responding not only to each other’s uniqueness, but also to the unique features of their shared surroundings, they create between … Continue reading

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