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The social business

Almost all leadership concepts start with the assumption that a key role for the leader is to set a direction. This usually means designing and communicating a vision and a set of goals. Traditionally, the roles of vision and goals … Continue reading

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It takes a village to produce new leaders

SER Mixe’s model follows the indigenous traditions (usos y costumbres) of shared leadership. For Jose Pablo, leadership is not a heaven-sent gift but a result of a nourishing process. “It takes a village to produce new leaders,” he said. Every … Continue reading


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Beyond Consensus or Majority: Notes about Decision-Making in a Leaderless Movement

On October 18th I participated in the general assembly meeting in OccupyOakland. On October 22nd I posted a piece about that experience, which I named In Search of Dialogue. Even before writing that piece I have been engaging in my … Continue reading

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Three core practices for creative leadership

Read From an interview with my dear friend Peggy Holman on enhancing creative leadership: Q: What is one practice that people could start applying today to bring more creativity into their work or their business organization? Holman: If I were … Continue reading

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The Conductor-less Orchestra

Tapping into the unique skills of knowledge workers requires leaders to adopt new ways of thinking and to apply new models of organization to the workplace. According to Harvard business professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter in Executive Excellence, “Your structures should … Continue reading

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Local Knowledge – Case studies of four innovative places

It is often more important for most cities, regions and countries to absorb knowledge, adopt and spread innovations, than it is to create new ideas and products through invention and discovery. There are real economic and social gains generated when … Continue reading

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University Education for Community and Social Change

Read Despite the growing consensus on the critical importance of grassroots organizations, and despite this major investment and growth, the field of community and social change faces a mounting crisis of leadership.  There is a severe shortage of people who … Continue reading

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Leading Change – Leadership, Organization, and Social Movements

What is the role of leadership in a social movement? What are the social movements? What is leadership? And what do they have to do with each other? Despite a lack of attention by social movement scholars, leadership plays a … Continue reading

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The New Science of Leadership: An Interview with Margaret Wheatley

Read Meg Wheatley was thrown into the public spotlight in 1992 with the publication of Leadership and the New Science, a groundbreaking look at how new discoveries in quantum physics, chaos theory, and biology challenge our standard ways of thinking … Continue reading

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Strategies for Leading Networked School Communities

What is a networked school community? How can networked school communities actually benefit students? How do we lead networked school communities?

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