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Collective Behaviour: Leadership and Learning in Flocks

A new study has decoded which birds become leaders in homing pigeon flocks, finding an unexpected benefit of leadership: faster birds emerge as leaders, and these leaders learn more about their environment than their followers. Flocks of homing pigeons circling … Continue reading

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Designing Academic Conferences as a Learning Environment

The main aim in organizing academic conferences is to share and develop knowledge in the focus area of the conference. Most conferences, however, are organized in a traditional way: two or three keynote presentations and a series of parallel sessions where participants … Continue reading

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Community learning – Learners survey

Maximise access to community learning for adults, bringing new opportunities and improving lives, whatever people’s circumstances. Promote social renewal by bringing local communities together to experience the joy of learning and the pride that comes with achievement. Maximise the impact … Continue reading

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Learning for resilience – Exploring learning opportunities in biosphere reserves

The interdependence of society and nature, the inherent complexity of social–ecological systems, and the global deterioration of ecosystem services provide the rationale for a growing body of literature focusing on social–ecological resilience – the capacity to cope with, adapt to … Continue reading

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Education in the Creative Economy: Knowledge and Learning in the Age of Innovation

Read “At a time when new media and a host of new technologies are reshaping every aspect of life and society, there has been a lack of analyses capable of integrating and critically engaging these new forces. We not only … Continue reading

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Promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks – a conceptual framework

Read This publication is about value creation in communities and networks. It is a foundation paper presenting a framework for promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks and aims to be sufficiently rigorous for researchers, useful for practitioners … Continue reading

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Social Purpose and Creativity – integrating learning in the real world

Read Professor Mike Neary, in his opening keynote, gave a helpful and thought-provoking exploration of the role and purpose of universities in the modern world and the experience that they offer students in terms of intellectual and social development. He … Continue reading

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Currents of change: Exploring relationships between teaching, learning and development – Participatory and transformative education

“I think participatory education is about transforming people. And transformative education is the process in which we, first of all, challenge power relations in order to create a safe environment so that different voices can emerge and be heard—but we … Continue reading

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Learning Together: Children and Adults in a School Community

Learning Together: Children and Adults in a School Community This book advances the theoretical account that Barbara Rogoff presented in her highly acclaimed book, Apprenticeship in Thinking. Here, Rogoff collaborates with two master teachers from an innovative school in Salt … Continue reading

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The role of Dialogue Conferences in the Development of Learning Regions

Read   Something very special happens when people from a region come into living contact with each other, face-to-face. In responding not only to each other’s uniqueness, but also to the unique features of their shared surroundings, they create between … Continue reading

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