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Horizontal Learning – Background, Practice and Possibility

Viewer   The concept of Horizontal Learning can be explored on two fronts: firstly as part of cultural epistemology and, secondly, as a strategic tool for community development. Horizontal learning practices have come to the fore with the re-emergence and … Continue reading


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Communities of Practice and Virtual Learning Communities – benefits, barriers and success factors

A virtual Community of Practice (CoP) is a network of individuals who share a domain of interest about which they communicate online. The practitioners share resources (for example experiences, problems and solutions, tools, methodologies). Such communication results in the improvement … Continue reading

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Scholarly Networks as Learning Communities – the case of TECHNET

Much social organization no longer fits a group-centric model of society. Work, community and domesticity have moved from hierarchically arranged, densely knit, bounded groups to social networks. In networked societies: boundaries are more permeable, interactions are with diverse others, linkages … Continue reading

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Non-Professional Learning Communities

The aim of this report is to provide an overview of the rather vague field of ICT-enhanced non-professional learning communities. As clear definitions of the term have not yet been provided in literature, this type of emerging community will be … Continue reading

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Communities generating Learning as a side effect

This learning territory is based on the assumption that any time an individual participates in a (virtual) community activity, whether this activity has a direct educational scope or not, some kind of learning is taking place, both as far as … Continue reading

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Learning Individuals and Learning Communities

This report sums up the main features of these territories, the commonalities and differences emerged and provides recommendations on policy, research and practice as well as a proposal for indicators to measure the development of e-learning in the territory. The … Continue reading

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Learning Individuals and Learning Communities – Informal Learning in 2025

This Paper presents the Learnovation vision within and around the area of informal learning. More specifically it concerns three “eLearning territories”: individual development through e-Learning, non-professional learning communities and communities generating learning as a side effect. What these three territories … Continue reading

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Enhancing the Social Capital of Learning Communities by using an Ad-hoc Transient Communities Service

In online learning, communities can help to enhance learning. However, because of the dynamic nature of communities, attaining and sustaining these communities can be difficult. One aspect that has an influence on, and is influenced by these dynamics is the … Continue reading

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