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Coronavirus school closures: what’s the evidence?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous for many children, whose education and development have been badly affected by repeated school closures. The closure of schools has been widely accepted, although it was recognised that the measures would hit children hard, … Continue reading


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Pas de devoirs en Lycée pro

Enseignante en économie gestion en lycée professionnel au Lycée des Métiers Jean Caillaud à Ruelle sur Touvre depuis 10 ans, j’ai débuté ma carrière (14 ans à ce jour) en MFR (Maisons Familiales et Rurales) puis suis passée par un … Continue reading

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Community-based accountability for school improvement

This report looks at community-based accountability and parental participation as a lever for school improvement in rural India. It reviews a case study project in Andhra Pradesh, which was set up in the context of failures in  primary education access … Continue reading

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Changing School-Community relations through Participatory Research – Strategies from First Nations and Teachers

Read A crucial aspect of the National Indian Brotherhood’s call for First Nations control of First Nations education was its significant recognition of parental responsibility in the educational decision-making process. The relationship between the school and the community has been … Continue reading

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Local Democracy, Rural Community, and Participatory School Governance

Read This article considers the indigenization of democracy by conceptualizing participatory deliberative decision-making practice as a tool to strengthen the functioning of local schools and to enhance democratic responsiveness within communities. Drawing on case-studies of bottom-up approaches to school governance, … Continue reading

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Learning Communities – schools, parents and challenges for wider community involvement in schools

This presentation will focus, for the most part, on a project of parental involvement in a state primary school located in a predominantly working-class area in a Mediterranean country. It will draw briefly on qualitative empirical work carried out with … Continue reading

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Strategies for Leading Networked School Communities

What is a networked school community? How can networked school communities actually benefit students? How do we lead networked school communities?

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