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The Centre for Social Innovation NYC

The Centre for Social Innovation provides its members with the spaces, relationships and knowledge they need to translate ideas to impact. We’re part coworking space, part community center and part incubator for people and organizations that are changing the world. … Continue reading

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Social innovation and sustainability

Presentation by Professor Frances Westley during the 2011 Nobel Laureate Symposium in Stockholm. View

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Design Thinking for Social Innovation

Designers have traditionally focused on enhancing the look and functionality of products. Recently, they have begun using design techniques to tackle more complex problems, such as finding ways to provide low-cost healthcare throughout the world. Businesses were the first to … Continue reading

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Concepts of Social Self-Organisation

This report points out that there are structuralistic as well as subjective conceptions of self-organisation. The first stress the self-reproduction of social structures, the second aspects of participation, direct democracy, co-operation, respect, solidarity, responsibility and tolerance. Arguments in favour of … Continue reading

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Best Strategies to End Corporate Rule

Corporate power is behind the politics of climate denial, Wall Street bailouts, union busting, and media consolidation, to name just a few. But real people have power, too. Here are some of our most successful strategies. The power of corporations … Continue reading

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The New Radicals

Forty-five years ago, Martin Luther King spoke about a radical revolution of values. Today we are seeing New Radicals creating collective ways to activate, nurture and sustain values that serve people and the planet. The Observer has recently named The … Continue reading

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An analysis of social innovation discourses

This paper captures the on-going debate on defining the concept of innovation in the social sphere as change which is social both in its goal and means. Discussions around social innovation make the heads of the governmental and organisational agendas … Continue reading

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ABC of Social Innovation

We sort out the concepts, explain what social innovation is, why it is important and let some of the worlds leading voices within the field talk about social innovation. Today more and more people agree that we need social innovations … Continue reading

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In and out of sync – The challenge of growing social innovations

This report is about how social innovations spread and grow. It aims to provide a theoretically and empirically grounded guide for the many people involved in social innovation: innovators, founders, policy-makers and commissioners. It draws on a growing body of … Continue reading

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Territorial Innovation Models – A critical survey of the international literature

This  paper  provides  a  critical  review  of  the  international  literature  on  Territorial  Innovation Models  (Industrial Districts, Milieux  Innovateurs, New Industrial Spaces, Local Production Systems, etc.). The review  is organized  in two steps. First, the main features of each of these … Continue reading

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