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From Smart City to Wise City: role of Universities in Place-based Leadership

For a variety of reasons the notion of the smart city has grown in popularity and some even claim that all cities now have to be ‘smart’. For example, some digital enthusiasts argue that advances in Information and Communication Technologies … Continue reading

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Cooperative Learning Returns To College

James Watson, who won a Nobel Prize as co-discoverer of the double-helix DNA molecule, recognized this when he stated, “Nothing new that is really interesting comes without collaboration.” Despite the remarkable achievements of academic teams, the myth of the genius … Continue reading

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Social Purpose and Creativity – integrating learning in the real world

Read Professor Mike Neary, in his opening keynote, gave a helpful and thought-provoking exploration of the role and purpose of universities in the modern world and the experience that they offer students in terms of intellectual and social development. He … Continue reading

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University Education for Community and Social Change

Read Despite the growing consensus on the critical importance of grassroots organizations, and despite this major investment and growth, the field of community and social change faces a mounting crisis of leadership.  There is a severe shortage of people who … Continue reading

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Lessons to be Learned from Paulo Freire as Education is being Taken Over by the Mega Rich

Lessons to Be Learned From Paulo Freire as Education Is Being Taken Over by the Mega Rich Read also : Access, Retention, and Success in Higher Education Around the World Subprime Opportunity: The Unfulfilled Promise of For-Profit Colleges and Universities … Continue reading

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