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O bem comum como maior valor social

Para Nilton Bonder, ir além da satisfação individual é grande desafio da humanidade, mas não será resolvido de forma indolor.  Nilton Bonder recorda que “as religiões já previam que esse modelo de poder individual é um modelo apocalíptico que, mais … Continue reading

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Youth movement in a culture of hopelessness

A protest encampment near the heart of the United States’ financial capital in New York City started out with a few dozen students and unemployed university graduates. Within weeks it inspired thousands of New Yorkers to join, and spawned scores … Continue reading

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A crise da “sociedade de mercado”

Read A ficção da “sociedade de mercado” autorregulada que desmorona agora na Grécia, na Espanha e em outros países europeus, é resultado de um processo que vem de vários anos. Talvez suas primeiras manifestações tenham surgido nas periferias do sistema … Continue reading

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Guide to Social Change Led By and With Young People

Typical classroom-based and adult-led community “youth engagement” activities are done to or for young people, meaning that adults conceive of these activities, design them, institute them, and evaluate them afterwards. There are many problems to this approach, the main one … Continue reading

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Youth participation and community change

Read Young people become empowered by their participation in the institutions and decisions that affect their lives–which in turn can lead to real positive change in the community. Youth Participation and Community Change presents leading authorities providing the latest research … Continue reading

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Revolutionizing education: Youth Participatory Action Research in motion

Revolutionalizing Education makes extraordinarily unique contributions to the literature on young people by offering a broad framework for understanding a groundbreaking critical research methodlogy known as Youth-led Participatory Action Research. YPAR is a way to involve young people in defining … Continue reading

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Identity, Community and Selfhood – understanding the self in relation to contemporary youth cultures

Read This paper discusses some of the key factors that shape young people‟s identity in relation to contemporary youth cultures. It describes a tightening of relationships between identity, leisure and consumption that have interacted with developments in communication technologies and … Continue reading

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Global Youth Culture

The continued growth of the Internet throughout Asia, Latin America, and Europe, as well as in parts of Africa, means that material on the global Internet will continue to become more diverse. Still, the hundreds of millions of global youth … Continue reading

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